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Here are Magnuz of Sweden's projects in Second Life.

My early projects, at the end of the list below, were mainly for my own fun and to learn how to build, texture and script in Second Life. Also my recent projects, at the beginning of the list below, is much about learning more about the possibilities in Second Life, but the aim is also to build a small portfolio of samples and inspiration on how Second Life can be used for scientific, educational and other information purposes. I especially hope to be able to produce "4D" models, i.e. models which allow the spectator to follow and control an event over time in a 3D model, e.g. motion of celestial bodies, nuclear and chemical reactions, processes in living cells and organisms, the development of buildings and cities, weather and plate tectonics.

My speciality so far is the processing of large bodies of data, to be able to present them in a surveyable way in Second Life. For that I use various search methods to find the basic data, data-bases and spread-sheets to compile and structure it, custom-made programs and scripts to process it, 3D and graphic programs to make it presentable, building and texturing in Second Life to do the actual presentations, and scripting in Second Life to make the presentations animated and interactive. My skills in all the mentioned techniques, together with my broad competence in many scientific areas and communication training as a scientist, teacher, author and journalist, make me able to carry out even complex projects in an efficient way.

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  • Magnuz_136
    Sculpted Earth

    The planet Earth with 3D topography to scale 1:250,000, with altitude attenuated by a factor of 100 to 1:2,500, 51 meters diameter from 288 sculpted prims.
  • Magnuz_126
    Sweden 3D Map

    Swedish topography and terrain with municipalities and counties, populations and areas.
  • Magnuz_118
    3D Map

    Sculpted and textured 3D map over the sims Honawan, Badger, Horseshoe and Hubbard.
  • Magnuz1_012
    Chemistry of Life

    Molecular models showing the chemistry of life, so far only a DNA molecule.
  • Magnuz_109
    Astronomy Theme Park

    Sky planetarium offering interactive planetarium, stellarium, solar system exhibition, space information, stars, planets, celestial objects, astronomical shop and guided tour.
  • Magnuz_105
    Sky Beach

    Private home of a friend, with a 19th century cosy, red, Swedish cabin.
  • Magnuz_040

    Interactive planetarium, stellarium, astronomy, planets and stars.
  • Magnuz_094
    Art and Photo Gallery

    200+ rendered artworks and RL photos on various themes in a beautiful 18th century Swedish manor.
  • Magnuz_103
    Greek Temple

    Modelled after a real Doric temple from 5th-3rd century BC.
  • Magnuz_098
    Ravs Rof Castle

    Beautiful site and tall, white, 12th-13th century normandic-style tower castle at the crossroads in Honawan, next to the sea and Second Louvre.

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